MackCity Limits.
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Powertrick Roundtable 4

Yes, Niggafucious a.k.a Magneto is back! Topics of Discussion; Nate Parker and Bill Cosby case comparisons. Dr. Boyce Watkins butthurt attitude against Cosby, yet goes all out to defend Nate Parker. Most Niggaz have ratchet Hoe thought processes. Historical accounts of General Intelligence and Specialized intelligence paradigms. Retiring some of my die hard freaks from the game. Tariq nasheed admits that a marriage is actually a business arrangement. The ratchet negro purge has begun.Dr Sebi and the so-called power of melanin analyzed. Vince Mcman WWE's president uses power trick methods to dominate the wrestling world.

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Dirty South Music Mixxx
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How to Trap a Monkey.

Topics of discussion: The Olympics, Milwaukee riots,Gabby Douglas,Simone Biles,Korryn Gains,Low IQ Niggaz, More Prison Stories and Dr Sebi and AIDS.

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Sight beyond sight.

I AM THAT I AM. Once again my greatness knows no bounds. I speak on how my wisdom is so infinite that it's hard for Niggaz to even keep up and overstand my brilliance. Please forgive my raspy batman voice due to my strep throat. Listen to the podcast and be in awe at my socio-political knowledge!

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Oligarchs and mainstream media trying hard to ignite Race War!

The mass media once again trying to get Niggaz and crackaz fighting. They want the cops and civilians at odds as well. But The fatmack aint buying what they sell'n. So I had to get on the mic and holla at my mackcity crew and reiterate my past stances on the prison industrial complex and the police state. This is a long show so i hope you have time to spare.

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Gumbo Mixxx Show 2

Cincinnatti Zoo Gorilla news, racism, The break down of white and black folks DNA behavioral theory science, Respect is earned and should not be freely given. The Professor Griff phone call. My Youtube channel is all about Manhood.

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Agents and Assetts in today's black power movement.

With the amount of chaos and discord being sown in the black power movement in 2016. Me and Tony discuss if The feuds between Zaza Ali and Griff, and Afrika Bambaataa and Sa Neter TV is being agitated by cointelpro. Are these black power movements on the governments radar? Or are these movements too small and insignificant to even make the government bat an eye.

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Attack of the Big Bytchez!

Giving the playaz a update on the state of affairs concerning the podcast and youtube shows. And I give my latest experience in dealing with the woman that contact me n Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

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Do we hate black women?

These silly kneegrows amuse me man. A Nigga can never offer some wisdom to these ratchet skillets without some simp running to the rescue to defend their fuckery. We don't hate black woman, we have exclusively dated black woman all our lives. But I gotta admit, I'm ready to jump the fence and see how Becky get down. Tired of these hard head skillets man. So sick and tired...LOL. Enjoy the show!

Professor Griff Zaza Ali Beef Video.

Afrika Bambaataa: Guilty or Innocent Video.

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Mackcity Update.

Some recaps and elaborations on past topics. My situation between the Becky and the Skillet. More leadership talk concerning my show. I discuss why my show will never be mainstream or popular.

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