MackCity Limits.
Ghetto Drama, Politics, and Mack Tactics for the masses.
Scared Straight 4: Savage Low I.Q Niccaz Kidnap white boy and torture him on social media.

I discuss another cop body slamming a 15 year old black girl in school. I speak on the savage animal niggaz that kidnapped a mentally slow white boy and tortured him on social media. I also give you a prison story to illustrate the degree of savagery that Niggaz are involved in. We also get into listener e-mails and I also speak on the Ronda Rousy loss to Amanda Nunes.

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Black power beef implosion.

In this podcast me and Tony discuss the drama and beef between pro black youtube social media personalities. Umar Johnson Vs Sara Suten Seti, Brotha Polight Vs Sa Neter, Obsidian Ali Vs Angryman, and more. We also speak on the coming economic purge of HUD that will greatly decrease section 8 benefits for black woman.

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 2 hour Old school funk/disco mixxx.

Lakeside-all the way live the barkays- hit and run fatback-backstrokin rick james-you and i barkays- move your boogie body foxy-get off sos band-take your time sos band-your the finest gap band-early in the morning bar kays-holy ghost chaka khan-love what you feel kano-im ready cheryl lynn-got to be real evelyn champagne king-love come down gq-disco nights lakeside-somethin bout that woman the whispers-its a love thang patrice rushen-forget me nots juicy-sugar free sos band-just the way you like it.

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Interview with international Mackcity Playa

We cover all sorts of topics from the quality of woman world wide that he has experienced, to his opinions of today's black intellectuals on the inter-net. And of course we discuss how awsomely mackadoshis my podcast is. Sit back and enjoy 2 hours and 40 minutes of straight talk about life here and abroad.

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Game of Tyrion.

Some good info on the acquisition of power by using one of the best who ever played the game as a template, Tyrion Lannister of the Game of Thrones.

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The Double Standards of the Wack Pro Black.

Im on my job and whoopin these wack azz pro wack Niggaz asses. In this latest podcast I read off quotes from The ultimate real pro black leaders to solidify how this podcast is 10X pro black than these Niggaz could ever be. I speak on this past election and how these butt hurt liberal jack offs are more fascist and evil than the red necks they claim to be better than. I also remind these Niggaz how the Fat Tricks with money are almost always right and our wisdom is infinite. Don't get mad, know your damn role and play it fool. Enjoy the flogging.

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The 2016 Post Trump victory Election Show.

1. Donald Trump pimp slaps the world. 2. Ratchet Niggaz kiss your hand outs good bye. 3.The Purge has begun. 4. Are you Coon’n if you support Trump? 5. Will the prison industrial complex expand under Trump? 6. Mass rebellion against the Nanny state, political correctness and Hyper feminism. 7. The average everyday white man strikes back. 8. Daquan flippin his bytch tax money. 9. Get’n the ex wife off my Health insurance. 10. Order out of Chaos. 11.The Gold Digger phone call hustle. 12. Bamn NJ E-mail question: Should Nerdy lames stay in the hood and support it? 13. Magnetic E-Mail Question: What is the real reason chicks keep thugs around? 14. The Minister E-Mail: UFC fighters with black girl friends.

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PowerTrick Round Table 5
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The Powertrick Revolution has begun.

In this latest episode me and Tony examine how our philosophy on dealing with women in today's backwards feminist hellhole has taken root. Many men are opting out of the conventional out of date methods that leave the man the ultimate sucker and loser. Our methods make sure that men get what they want and at least keep things even so that woman cannot exploit and use you. The eyes of the male population are beginning to open and many woman are feeling the burn. Join us in the revolution and help keep these chicks honest. I'm out.

Obsidian Radio video.


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The Daquan Deception.

Donald Trump grabbin pussy. Russia vows to Nuke American forces. Is racial strife and violence in media a distraction from WW3? Prison story of Niggaz doing dumb shyt. I love chicken and crackers. Serious Breakdown on possible WW3 scenario. Angry Ghetto Niggaz created to go to war with White Patriots. Marriage is prostitution, pussy gets traded for goods and services. Delusional so-called pimp Niggaz payin more for pussy than Tricks. I don’t trust any woman. They are the face of true evil. So called Street Niggaz are easy to game. No black UFC fighters have any black wives or girlfriends. My Becky helps a black young man get into college. Stupid ass Niggas dont want white cops in the hood, but niggas dont wanna be cops. Angry Nigga trashman curses out black cop. The Sidetrixter still tryin to fuck my broads.

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