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Apr 12, 2011

The controversy continues as we explore the concept of power through the capitalist philosophy of Tricks and Hoes. Sorry for the bad audio on this joint. And I wanna say what's up to that faggot ass Nicca who keep listening to my shows and talking shyt about them. For somebody who hates the program you sure love to take time out of your day to ride me and Tone's dick by listening to the shows. If you hate the podcast so much, stop listening to my shyt bytch ass Nicca. Go and fuck yourself.

And one love to the majority of cats who have e-mailed me and wanna hear more of Toney Dreamers wisdom. I will have more shows with Tone in the future when I can get a hold of the brother. He is a very bizzy man these days, so cherish each show we get with him because ain't no telling when I can get at my homey again.