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Nov 24, 2007

Give'n out some tips on the GAME to those who aspire to fuck with this cyber-pimp'n. This is the last show in this series. Enjoy! And don't forget to check out

Nov 23, 2007

Post by : Tonydreamer on 18 September 2006 17:17:38[ ]

Detail :
DISCLAIMER: FOR YOU NICCAZ thats gonna have a problem with me giving Big Mike his props: Get over it!!!!!!!

When i joined mackcity last year, I was hooked on the fetish of project chicks and the raw sexuality on display for the viewers....

Nov 23, 2007

The continuation of the last MackCity podcast. Relax, Listen, and Learn.

Nov 22, 2007

For those that want to know how I got started in this cyber-pimp game. Grab your pen and pad and take notes playaz.

Nov 19, 2007

LAZY PUSSY - This is when there is no movement on the woman's part
 except trying to stop full thrust of the dick into the pussy. She
 says faster, faster but still is not putting any effort into the
 action at hand.
 THE WENDY'S WINDOW PUSSY - This is the girl you pick up around
 12:30a.m when everyone is sleeping...