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Feb 25, 2008

Topics of Discussion:

Law 2: Get a Name in the Game.

Law 3: Don't Chase em, Replace em.

Law 4: Keep a Hoe in Arrears.

Law 8: Don't Let your History be a Mystery.

Bella Bio.

Feb 23, 2008

28 July 06

This here chick is actually an aspiring porn actress that I got hooked up with through one of my porn producing patnahs. She came to MackCity wanting to do some work so I went ahead and fucked with her. I had no idea she had actually done work with other adult web sites. If I had known that I probably...

Feb 23, 2008

Just chill'n downtown one night with my friends back in 2000. We discuss what makes chicks tick and why they do what they do. Please excuse the bad audio in these retro-MackCity shows. The audio was pulled from old analog VHS tapes I had in storage of my old public access TV shows. Hope ya'll dig it.

Feb 22, 2008

Sit back and listen to the conversations that I have with my girls on a regular basis. In this episode I rap to Darlin Nikki, Sexy Re, and Ali. Experience the real only at!

Feb 19, 2008












The blasphemy continues!