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Jun 26, 2008

Comedy legend George Carlin dead at 71

Updated: Mon Jun. 23 2008 18:34:30 News Staff

U.S. comedian George Carlin, the influential godfather of counterculture comedy and originator of the classic "seven words you can't say on television," has died.

He passed away of heart failure on Sunday in Santa...

Jun 23, 2008

This dude cracks me up big time. His name is Tay Zonday and I'm not sure if he takes himself serious or what. Everything this dude does is super cheesy and plenty of people mock and laugh at him. But that doesn't seem to stop him from doing his thang. In fact, he wears his cheesy style like a badge of honor and excels...

Jun 19, 2008

In this joint I'm speak'n on how Father Time is creep'n up on The FatMack and I'm start'n too look and feel my age. It use to be cute that my old ass was stalk'n these young hoodrats and get'n my rocks off. But now it ain't so cute, now that I got grey hair, the shyt is get'n kind of creepy and disgusting.

I'm also...

Jun 1, 2008

Hitting ya'll playaz with some updates on your favorite freaks like Poundcake, Precious and that Boss Chick. And also giving my thoughts on Homosexuality.