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Jun 25, 2009

Giving you playas an update on my girls Afton/Cry Baby Nish/Soakin Wet a.k.a The Hydra/Thick Lish/ Boss Chick.

Jun 18, 2009

Today we discussing cyber pimp kryptonite. We talking about them damn crumb snatchers! Yes, we talking about them bad ass kids that these freaks be squeezin out. And I give you my reasons why I don't fuck with you broads on a serious level due to your insane belief that you can have multiple babies by multiple scum bag...

Jun 7, 2009

This hustle requires doing the cardinal sin of being kind and compassioante at times. Street Niccaz typically live by the creed that they won't save a hoe. But what if you save a bytch and can profit from that action? It ain't enough to just blindly follow some macho ass street creed these days. You muthafukkaz need...