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Oct 15, 2014

In todays racially charged climate I am beginning to see a disturbing trend among black folks. I see so called pro black Niccaz running they mouth about who is for the people and who ain't for the people. The unseen oligarch hand who manipulates the mainstream media has done a masterful job at dividing white and black...

Oct 14, 2014

Lakim Shabazz/King Sun/Twin Hype/Royal Clash/Milk Bone/Stezo/ Super lover Cee and Cassanova Rud.

Oct 14, 2014

Poppin in one mo time to just share what goes on in the course of my day. I'm speaking on my interactions with 3 females who are in my life. Listen to the illogical, insane,psycho shyt these freaks put me through. One chick cookin me food and blowin my dome. And two other freaks playin on the gawd damn phone.

Beer and Chicken: The truth about immigrant businesses in the black community.

Oct 14, 2014

In country A, a group of very affluent people in a country control the production or manufacturing of a natural resource. The people who control this resource export it to the west to corporations and companies at profit. This business enterprise is very lucrative for both the aforementioned foreigners and the american...

Oct 1, 2014

Hold on to your seats people, we're bout to hurt some feelinz on this one. I got my patnah Niggafucious back in the hot seat hit'n you up with much historical evidence as to why Riots are counter revolutionary. He also give quotes from the most radical revolutionary participants of all time "The Black Panthers."...