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Sep 20, 2016

1.donald trump vs hillary clinton. it cool to snuggle and cuddle with your grown ass son if your his dad? female energy actually creates hyper masculinity in the hood. 4.The solar system analogy of game selection. 5.old trick niggaz vs young macks paradigmn. 6.secondary ball residue on yo lips playa. 7....

Sep 7, 2016

In this podcast we kick it with a long time listener and supporter of the show, Brotha Isa Ali. He tells us all about what he has learned and mastered by listening to the philosophical awsomeness that me and Tony spit. We cover his viewpoint on woman, spitting game and being a professional side Nigga. Also he gives us...

Sep 1, 2016

Topics of discussion: Clarification on the subjects of "Is marriage the same as trick'n"?, Do we hate Tariq Nasheed? Are blacks genetically dumber than whites? Should athletes martyr themselves for black folks? Should we stop paying woman to have bastard babies?Ninja Vs Samurai warfare thought process.