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Mar 21, 2017

1. More alleged donald trump racist quotes from 3rd parties. 2. do i hate niggaz that have done time in prison? 3. new mike brown video hidden from the public by the media. 4. scared niccaz on skull island. 5. the three types of men that woman need in thier life. 6. one of my freaks once again proves that thug dick...

Mar 20, 2017

1. Man parrish- Hip Hop Be Bop 2. cybotron- clear 3. Hashim- Al Naafish 4. Afrika bambaata- the perfect beat 5. jonzun crew- pack jam 6. dynamic breakers- dynamic 7. planet patrol- play at own risk 8. kraftwerk- numbers/computer world 9. manronix- megamix 10. newcleus- push the button 11. just ice- put that record back...

Mar 9, 2017

A logical, non-emotional look at the accusations from the left progressive liberal media accusing Trump of being just like Hitler. If you don't like my opinion and cant stomach my views then get the fuck off my podcast site Nigga. Only Real men need come in this cypher and build with the GOD. Emotional skirt wearing...

Mar 4, 2017

I give of some game and drop knowledge on some male and female relationships as usual and we explore a small bit of the world of the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby dynamic.