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May 8, 2011

I always say that I will no longer get involved in the politics or the religion of the day these days. I'm often looked at like I'm from another planet due to my bad habit of contradicting popular opinion. Well I just couldn't help myself this time around. When I seen this bullshyt Osama Bin Laden circus on TV, I was amazed to see how the American public actually believed this horse shyt. It was plain to see that the whole Bin Laden Death story was a staged event and a very bad fabrication to dupe the American public into giving up more rights in the name of peace and security. The idea goes like this, lets tell the American Idiot that we killed Bin Laden and then lets tell them that Bin Laden's followers will be angry and will retaliate with more terror attacks. And lets not forget that Obama will get a nice popularity boost in the polls to aid him in his bid for re election in 2012. But enough of this, just click the link hear me speak on the matter. THis is MackCity bytch, and if you can't handle thinking outside the box, then roll the fuck out son. I'm out!