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Balls Deep: Hell yes I was!

Apr 21, 2012

One of the things I love about She-Devil is that she is so sexually and intellectually free. She does some of the most wild shyt I have ever seen. This latest tattoo that she went and got is a perfect example as you see. She went and got the work done about 2 months ago, but the Tat artist actually fucked the work up. She had some serious scar tissue to go along with the crappy art work. So she had to grin and bare the travesty until she could get up enough loot to try and get the tat redone.

She finally got up the loot and went in to try and get the Tattoo salvaged as much as she could. I seen the first attempt at the tattoo and it was horrible. The redone Tat ain't all that great but it's still a big improvement from what it looked like before. Some crappy tat work is almost impossible to fix, so the second artist did what he could. The Balls Deep Tat destroys the flavor of the two pistols on the sides of her hips. Yeah,she is stuck with a Tat that kind of messes up all the other work that she has on her body. But it's too late now.

But never the less, I couldn't wait to smash that lilly white ass when she showed me the Tattoo. I just wanted to hit it missionary style and then pull out and dump my load all over her stomach where the new Tat was. I did just that too. After I skeeted on her I pulled out my camera and took some photos of course. She-Devil was a bit camera shy this time around due to the bad tattoo and her recent weight gain. But the chick is still beautiful to me, no matter what. Gonna have to get her back to the spot again and really put in some effort to fuck her hard. Stay tuned to the Members area for more recent pics and video of She-Devil in action.