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Bella: Star Power

Sep 30, 2014

I only had one episode with this fine piece of womanhood right here. But one episode was enough. She was beautiful no doubt and had much confidence. But is there a such thing as having too much confidence? Well babygirl thought very highly of herself. She told me all sorts of stories about the things that she had done and the things that she was planning on doing. Much of her plans were all about taking the adult entertainement world by storm and taking no prisoners. She didn't have any specific route on how she was gonna get her Star power rolling, but that didnt seem to concern her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on shawty. I'm just telling you that Bella was serious as a heart attack about becoming rich and famous. So serious it bordered on delusion.

We hooked up and did our video shoot and I enjoyed myself. I later took her out on the town for some food and drink, then we hit the night club. All the fellaz in the club broke their necks trying to get a peek at Bella. I know they was thinking how a fat dude like me end up with a bad bytch like this. I dropped her back off at the hotel about 4 in the morning and we said our good byes. After that night I never saw her again in the flesh. I seen her on a couple of other adult sites after we did our business, but she obviously got out the game. Bella never became famous the way she wanted too, but I have a little piece of her history for you playaz to check out. It's all in my Exclusive Mackcity Journal. Peep it.