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Bella Bio.

Feb 23, 2008

28 July 06

This here chick is actually an aspiring porn actress that I got hooked up with through one of my porn producing patnahs. She came to MackCity wanting to do some work so I went ahead and fucked with her. I had no idea she had actually done work with other adult web sites. If I had known that I probably wouldn't have fucked with her. Ya know I'm all about get'n them raw, untainted freaks that ain't been introduced to this porn game. MackCity is all about turn'n a bytch out and get'n them to do shyt that they initially didn't wanna do. Fuck'n with freaks who are right out the box ready to get down bores me to death. Ain't no challenge in that shyt. But my patnah Scorpio hooked me up with Bella anyway as a favor to her because she needed some extra gigs to make some badly needed cash.

I was tripp'n off how raw this chick was. She didn't lack any confidence at all. She was the type of broad that would get on my nerves if I stayed around her too long. She the kind of female that think she can whoop the whole world and come out of the whole drama without a scratch. She kept tell'n me that she was half black and half Italian all night and she got drunk ass fuck. Shawty was a trip. She was also stuck talk'n on the phone half the night with her boyfriend trying to convince him that she loves him even though she is doing porn. After that shyt got taken care of she posed for some really nice pictures and she sucked my shorty fat real good until I skeeted one of my world record big hot nuts on her grill.

I don't feel like this is no big accomplishment with this latest episode because she actually wants to be a model and really digs what she does. In fact she is so serious, I seen that she just got on another web site which is of the professional variety. So here we go, MackCity has it's first OFFICIAL REAL black model in the members area. Check her out at Hood Hunter and see her get seriously dicked down!

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