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Apr 5, 2011

While I have been doing this hustle and spitting out these podcasts, I have learned that there is no such thing as absolutes. I have learned that things that appear to be dark can actually illuminate you. I have also learned that the longer you stand in the light, one can be burned and blinded as well. I have been trying to get you playas to think outside the box in order to attain the things you have always desired. I am trying to get you to let go of THE NEXT MAN's concept of reality and implement and create your own Matrix. It has been the practice of the power elite to get the common man to shun real power and not recognize it when he sees it. Too many fools stuck on the face value of things that they see.Too many make snap judgements without real knowledge or wisdom to discern what they are dealing with. So once again me and Tony Dreamer jack into the Matrix to try and unhook Niccaz from the system that has them blinded and shackled in blissful ignorance. Many Niccaz aint gonna like this action as usual, but we aint here to tell you shyt that you wanna hear. We spitting this wizdom because you NEED to hear it patnah. Get some.