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Cry Baby Nish: Blowin up my phone.

Sep 25, 2014

Babygirl been blowin up my phone all week. She called me last night about 3 times. I had been dealing with other females for the past 5 months. I didnt have time to deal with her bullshyt. I knew that answering her call didnt mean anything good for me. All she was gonna do was ask me for something. I aint got time for that shyt. But I got weak, I finally broke down and answered her call. Just hearing her voice gave me joy. She a low down funky azz bytch, but I love her. She did what I expected her to do. She acted like she never trangressed against me and disrespected the game. I didn't remind her of what she did, I figured her 5 month exile from me was more than enough punishment. She lied about her current situation and pretended like she was doing great. But I got my ears to the streets, and I know how bad shyt is for her. I just sat and listened to her weave her tails of delusion. I was amused. Despite the bullshyt that she fed me for 45 minutes. I was happy to hear from her. She is now thinking the Kingdom has welcomed her with open arms and that she is back in my good graces. Stay tuned.