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Sep 30, 2014

I use to love to see Diva. She had the best warm hearted personality. Her nice round brown bubble butt really sealed the deal though. She was always in a good mood, I never seen her mad or with a bad attitude. She would get on your nerves sometimes because she would act a bit ditzy. She is what many would consider an airhead, but I just took her occasional lapse of intellgence in stride. I mean who needs to be smart with an ass like that, right?LOL! She had Niccaz practically given her anything she wanted. I Don't think she really realized her total worth though. She could of done alot better in life with that bubbly personality and that banging body. Her problem was that she kept letting dumb ass street scum Niccaz derail her everytime she would get her shyt together. She was a sucker for love and very gullible. I tried to save her a couple of times and give her good advice to stand clear of these jack azz Niccaz. But you know the rules of the game. You can't save em.