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Oct 15, 2014

In todays racially charged climate I am beginning to see a disturbing trend among black folks. I see so called pro black Niccaz running they mouth about who is for the people and who ain't for the people. The unseen oligarch hand who manipulates the mainstream media has done a masterful job at dividing white and black people with showcasing brutality towards blacks. The backlash has been so effective that negros are beginning to turn on each other due to differing viewpoints on how to handle these unjust events. It has now become in style to attempt to crucify anyone who does not believe in the victimization of the black people in America. Anyone who focuses in on self to solve the problem becomes a sellout, a Uncle Tom or a Coon. In this Podcast I will give my opinion on what makes you a Coon in the eyes of the lesser evolved Negro. Listen and be amazed at my boundless wisdom.