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Nov 1, 2014

An in-depth analyses of what it means to be a Coon or a Uncle Tom. My partner Tony Dreamer gives complete historical referances on the issue. We will see that its not so easy to really see who is the race traitor and who is really down for the people. The line is a bit more blurry than you would expect. We also use a current situation to illustrate our argument with two very popular internet personalities. We will study the rift or schism that has happened between Tommy Sotomayor and Tariq Nasheed. We are not cheeleaders and we do not dick ride, were on no one's team. Both men are capable of razor sharp accurate analsyes of social issues, and they are also both capable of blatantly insane hypocrisy as well. We recognize the contributions of both men and respect their work. But we will look at the dark side of the matter and give our reasons why the Coon rhetoric should be more carefully applied. This is a long podcast and only the intellectually inclined will appreciate the scholarship.