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Aug 17, 2012

The last show dealing with nutrition. What is really killing people in America concerning their diet? Why do people over seas who eat high amounts of pig meat and pig fat live so long? Why do brothers who hear about me eating pork flip out so bad? Why do studies show that there is no significant benefit to not eating pork.If a man who eats the typical high sugar, high fat and high salt diet of America but does not eat pork, will he out live the man who eats pork but does not eat fast food? Look people, I aint no pork addict, I eat very little of that meat. But I'm just sick and tired of Niccaz bumpin they gums about shyt they ain't even bothered to seriously study. All most Niccaz do is read their religious indoctrination books and call it a day. They feel that this is all they need to know. It's a big world out there with alot of shyt you not even aware of. I'm here to help you break the cycle of ignorance and get you to see what is really fucking up your system.