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I couldn't help it.

Apr 22, 2012


You ever have one of those days where you were just so horny you felt like a filthy beast? I mean have you ever been so worked up that you knew that if any female was willing to meet you in the bedroom, you just knew that you would not disappoint her in any fashion. I mean you get supreme confidence because you know you are in full nasty mode and you don't care what you have to do to get that chick off. Well that went down today with a female I have been fuckin with since 2005. She is one of the finer dime piece chick's I have in my stable. Once again I will refrain from saying names do to snitches and the bitches in my hood hate'n on a playa.

She told me she wanted to come over and see me today and I really wasn't into have'n no company. But I agreed to see her because she had been calling me all week to come and get blessed. She said she would be at the crib in about 3 hours. I looked at some pictures that I had took of her a couple of years ago and I suddenly became heated. This is very rare for me. I never really get aroused for any reason these days. But today was very different. All I could do was stare at her fine round bubble ass and I wanted to run up in her anally, or if I couldn't do that I wanted to rim her really bad. I had the taste for some booty crack today. The more I thought about doing something to her anus, the more my heart would race and I would get light headed. What the fuck is wrong with me?

When she came over I was ready for action. I didn't have on no clothes and I had just jumped out the shower. We made small talk and about 30 minutes after she walked into the door she got naked and sat with me and we chatted again for a while. Then I took her by the hand and laid her down on my bed. I took out the babyoil and rubbed her down to get her warmed up. I messaged her for about 30 minute and played with that neat and clean trimmed pussy. I also rubbed and caressed her phat booty cheeks while she took her hand and caressed my bellhead and my sack. I knew she was ready for action because that pussy was drippin wet.

I then laid her on her back and fucked her for about 5 minutes. Then I went downtown and ate that pussy. I alternated between fucking and pussy eating for 30 minutes. She was getting drove crazy by this technique and she already orgasmed about 2 times. Then it was time to indulge my appetite. It had been so long since I had gave a woman a good rim job, the freak was bound to get loose soon one day. I flipped her over and put that juicy ass up in the air doggystyle and I put my face between her heavenly cheeks. I sucked her ass like a mad man. Sucking and slurpin like crazy. This turned her on and she began to buck that ass up and down rubbing her ass all in my face. She was grabbing the sheets and moaning like crazy. About 10 minutes of this went down before I went ahead and played with her clit and seen the pussy juice just pouring out of her. She finally busted her last nut, she just couldn't take it no more.

I ain't the dude to be putting my mouth on these chicks but I got about 4 freaks that I will suck on from time to time. But that's usually all about pussy eating, I don't be eating no brown eye. So You know I gotta really dig this chick a whole lot. Unfortunately this female is no longer in the porn game so I did not video tape it. But her past pictures and videos are in the members area. Just match up the booty pic you see on this post with the booty pics in the members area. She one of the baddest bytches in the game, join now and you will see.