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Apr 25, 2015

The epidemic of low IQ Niccaz armed with Hidden Color DVD's is on the rise. These Negroes watch 2 or 3 DVDs and think this gives them the right to run around pointing fingers at folks, calling them coons and sell outs. I think I liked it better when these types of Niccaz was simply rappin 2 chains lyrics and totally ignorant about their forgotten history. A little knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong way to these types of negroes. A scholar you are not just because you watch you tube videos and have bought three hidden color DVDs little boy!

We discuss grown azz Niccaz cheer leading and shaking pom poms for other grown ass men.I speak on more of my prison experience by reading one of my disciplinary actions that was taken against me for being pro blickety black in 1996. I also read the pro blickety black letter to my brother that almost got me fired from my prison job. I read off my coon resum'e to give some of ya'll an idea of why I am sick at the stomach when I hear deeze Niccaz question my rep. Bottom line is, I been there and done that shyt you just now discovering fool. So sit yo azz down somewhere and learn something from an OG in the Game.