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Jessica Rabbit: She loves me, she loves me not.

Sep 25, 2014

When you hit Niccaz with the real, muthafukkaz don't wanna listen. I tell dudes all the time that I got females on deck that have real feelinz for me. Even though I aproach these relationships in a very bizness and practical manner. Some still end up getting attached to me. Niccaz say it can't happen, no way a bytch can love a Nicca with Trick tactics. Believe what thou wilt, your wrong. I submit exhibit A: Text message from one of my babies from about 5 years ago.

Once again I stress to you playaz do not become someones elses ideological flunky. Create and cultivate your own system to deal with whatever problems you may encounter in your life. I get more action than you can even imagine. And about half the freaks I fuck with got real love for a Nicca. The other half are strictly used as fuck toys. But these days I have grown tired of just bendin these freaks over. Im on some different shyt. I mostly now indulge in relationships that I use to have with my baby jessica. I don't see her no more because she went and got married. But she know she can always come back and see Daddy if things don't work out with the marriage.