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Dec 18, 2010

More ignorant bullshyt from these scandalous street hoes. In this episode I get more threats of bodily harm from one of my past O.G freaks in the game, I also get threatend with a law suit. Then we analyse and critique the mind of another freak who don't know how to keep a brother on her team. This chick has no clue as to how to milk multiple Niccaz at the same time to get more money. Instead she tries to suck all the blood out of one man at a time, until he gets fed up with her parasitic ways. If she had enough sense to bleed each man moderately, she could keep living off of each host simultaneously. But she sucks one host dry at a time, thus killing them off. Then she has to find new prey to bleed for her sustenance. IN short, DON'T KILL YOUR HOST if your a gold digging freak! Keep them alive and on your team so you can always go back and suck more blood bytchez.Enjoy.