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MackCity Review By Big LaLa.

Aug 14, 2009

From: Michael Wallace <>
Subject: RE:
Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 7:08 PM

Thanks mang, I try real hard to make my site above and beyond the rest. Tell me which sites you have joined and why u like mine better than the rest. I'm always looking for input about my site about what cats like and dislike. U really have yet to really see the full beauty of the site since you are not that deep into it yet. Believe me, you have only scratched the surface.


Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 23:26:41 -0700
Subject: RE:

Whats up Mike, 

 hahaha!  Thanks for not taking offense to my shit talking.  Since i am retired from the computer industry and I now run a housecleaning business from my home here in Oakland, I am on the computer all day and I get bored out of my mind sometimes and it creates the need for me to start shit???  It would be my pleasure to give you feedback homie.  Be aware, in the last year I have only subscribed to sites that offer unscripted, reality type video clips.  I hate it when a porn actor starts all of that loud, fake ass screaming and shit!!! lol



 UPSIDE: I like the "reality" feel of the site and the unscripted encounters with the various women.  Since I am an ex-ghetto nigga and a recovering crack addict (6 years sober) who spent 30 years in the life, I still have this attraction to "project" type hoes and that is all we see on this site. Includes some girl on girl.  DOWNSIDE:  Not very many downloads as compared to; after subscribing once, you will have to wait too long for a few more updates.  There is just a vast difference in the size of your library as opposed to theirs.  Commentary is not an integral part of the experience and somehow does not tempt me to even read it. Not a whole lot of variety; nigga gettin his dick sucked by crackheads is just about the whole ball of wax. 



 UPSIDE:  Again, any site with unscripted clips of ghetto hoes gets my vote.  Offers some variety in the different clips. DOWNSIDE:  For some reason I do not find the clips of hoes from DR, PR or Brazil to be very interesting nor can I relate to them like I can "a good ole U.S. project hoe".  The international clips are probably 50% of the library.  Library size just does not compare to, even if I added in the PR & DR hoes.




UPSIDE:  Like unscripted format and variety of hoes from fine and refined to ghetto messes.  DOWNSIDE:  The major downside of this site is that it is geared toward younger wannabe gangsta ass niggas.  I really do not see myself paying to see niggas talk shit on film while throwing dolla bills around like they make more money than JayZ & Oprah combined, while dogging the hoes out and disrespecting them.  I pay to see bitches get fucked, suck dick, piss or eat pussy (or some other freaky shit)!!!!  Hell they even force you to listen to niggas rapping..ain't that a bitch?  However, I guess that is just what their target market wants...




UPSIDE: Very similiar to, whereas people upload their clips to the site.  Like Bootytube, some of the clips are really good.  Since these niggas are in cahoots with the owners of and, you get access to some of their clips also.  DOWNSIDE: Too many Youtube type bootyshaking videos where a young hoe aint even thinking about getting undressed (40% - 50%).  Also, there is a $30 monthly to see the full library of clips, that the general public uploaded.  I don't know about you but I find something wrong with that picture! 


CONCLUSION: wins hands down.  You have a large library dating back to 2004 with plenty of variety, including my personal favorite...girl/girl.  Frankly, I have never cared to read anyone's commentary on any of these sites except yours Mike.  You have the ability to articulate your thoughts so well, that I find myself feeling like i am sitting in the car with you while you are out there "checking yo traps".  Your commentary is a big plus for those of us who actually dont shy away from reading.  Also, what you said today about the long standing relationships you have maintained with some of the hoes is very true and it actually helps your reader "care" about what is going down with you on a day to day basis.  After reading and viewing all of 2004 and half of 2005, I feel that I actually know these various hoes (characters).  I certainly can relate to your daily challenges dealing with them, because most of them are no different than the lying, scheming hoes that I have dealt with in my past.  You ought to seriously consider researching how you can convert your journaling into a book, whether it is a work of fiction or non fiction.

Be well

Big La La

 P.S.  In case you wonder, I am called Big La La because I am 6' 5' and I weigh about 375lbs.   I am a big nigga!!  hahaha