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New MackCity Freak: Alexa

Apr 20, 2012


Got a phone call from my homey the Sidetrickster earlier today and he said that he got a phone call from Michelle a.k.a Medusa and she had a chick who wanted to get some of this money. Like I told ya'll in several pod cast earlier this month, I don't really have the enthusiasm to deal with no new freaks. But he wanted to fuck on some new pussy so bad, he literally begged me to take a look at the chick. You see Sidetrick ain't trying to pay for no hotel, so that means he wants and needs my crib to bang on chicks. And the only way a new chick is getting banged at my spot is if she is putting in some real work for my site.

So after listening to him cry about not getting any strange pussy in about 90 days. I told him he could bring the freak through and handle his bizz. When they showed up all I could do is yawn and try and act entusiastic, I'm so bored with this shyt these days it ain't funny. She had a cute face but that body needed some work. It was also obvious that she had alot of Native American blood in her. Her personality was cool, she was a bit standoffish and paranoid around us, but that's to be expected with almost all new models. But you could tell that if she stuck around and put in more work, she would have a great attitude about the hustle. We talked about all the legalities and did the paperwork that would allow for me to own her soul. Now it was time for the moment of truth.

Sidetrick asked me if I wanted to film the session or should he just go solo and do it all himself. Well I know typically when he does the videos by himself, they tend to come out like crap, because he is too much into just getting the pussy. So I was tempted to grab the cam and go in to film the shyt. But like I said, I wasn't the least bit interested in filming anything or participating in making no porn. So I just let him roll solo and do his thang. I could tell it would probably be a garbage shoot anyway because his and her energy was not mixing well. I could see the dread and uneasiness on her face. Once again I peeped how she would take quick glances at me to size me up. It was as if she was sending me subliminal messages to please be the stunt dick that would be running up in her.

Hhhhmmmmm? How did the shoot go?How did it all go down? Who's dick did she end up sucking on? Stay tuned to MackCity and find out at a later date.