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May 13, 2011

In this joint we speaking on fake ass Osama Bin Laden bullshyt that has the whole world duped. In this episode I talk about how Bin Laden was a crusader for Arabia to oust European Imperialism. I gave this explaination of the man in order to simplify his character for the laymen. I have come to understand that the teacher must always go the the level of the student. So I really didn't want to hit ya'll with the heavy shyt. The fact is that Bin Laden has been a black ops CIA operative for decades, he was on Americas payroll to help create chaos and help maintain the status quo. I felt that this perspective about Osama was too deep and would scramble Niccaz brains. So I went ahead and gave Milk instead of the Meat for the listeners. I explained Osama Bin Laden's character in a way that many of you could deal with more easily. Not to mention that Osama has been dead from Kidney Failure since 2002. So all we are really doing is dealing with a ghost or a boogy man that was created to keep you in fear. We also rap about why I no longer have a comments section for my podcast, and I also speak on more internet dating disasters that I been going through.