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Personal Responsibility vs. Social Inequality

Feb 8, 2008











If you carefully read the journal logs, you can see that the Big Mike is conflicted at times about the role that he plays in the lives of the mackcity freaks. Is he ruthlessly exploiting them sexually, controlling them psychologically, or only shaking the hand of destiny? One view that could be espoused is that these females are victims of social inequality and thus are vunerable to exploitation. Still another view is that these females are basically self fulling prophesies of failure due to the inability to take control of their lives. I suspect the answer is somewhere in the middle. It is no secret that most of these females come from homes without a strong father figure and thus are in dire need of GUIDANCE. Personal Responsibility does not fully explain the debilitating effects of poverty upon familial relations that these females are more than use to. and Social inequality does not explain why they would rather buy weed, liquor and useless bullshit rather than paying for pampers, milk, rent, and other necessities in life. It also does not explain why they fuck the most irresponsible niggas in creation and continue to pop out babies like "pez dispensers." The real truth is that though there may be much more to them than what we see here. At this time, they have chosen not to explore any potential they may have. Consequently, they become prey to the order of survival. If you refuse to take care of your business, then you become someone else´s business. Its the law and order of the universe. He who bites, shall be bitten, who who does not bite, shall be eaten the FUCK UP! stay tuned for more mackcity madness at