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May 5, 2013

The last show where me and my road dawg examin intellectual dishonesty when cats swear they don't trick, but are quick to accuse others of being tricks. Man, you Niccaz don't have a clue. You Niccaz are indirectlty payin for the ass in so many ways, ya'll making my head spin. Everything you do in life is all based upon bettering yourself so you can get some play. From the clothes you buy, to the education you paid for in college. All these things are motivated by the hopes and aspirations of getting top notch ass. So who has the right to throw stones? I know you claim of doing these things to better yourself, but truth be told homey. If you could bang a bad bitch while you lived in a card board box, why even bother with money, education, nice cars and big houses? If hoes liked Niccaz who lived in card board boxes, all you Niccaz would live in one just to get the pussy.