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Apr 25, 2012


I keep telling you cats that I have built my own Matrix and I don't follow the rules and laws of other men. I solve the problems in my life the way it suits me and I won't apologize for it. This way of looking at life has translated well when dealing with the woman. At this age, I am not trying to have no boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with these young fresh freaks. I have done all the domestic bullshyt I'm gonna do, so now it's party time dammit.

Niccaz judge what I do and how I do it and they see me as weak. But if I'm so weak, why my name keep poppin out your mouth? Why you so worried that your girl comin to see me? What is this horror that you have of this Fat Ass Negro? I know that you can't explain it. But your subconcious mind sees the truth. It sees what your physical eyes can't see. Your heart bears witness to a truth that your ego refuses entertain. You want so badly to be boss hogg and relegate me to some inferior status, but no matter how hard you try to believe that, shyt just don't add up. You ask yourself, " Why all them girls keep fucking with that Fat Dude? Why they do all that freaky shyt with him and they won't do it with me? Why these freaks running around the city with his name tattooed on them and they won't get my name on them?" You keep trying to clown the fat boy, but all you end up doing is clowing yourself. In trying to belittle me, you actually end up reminding yourself how far ahead of the game I am than you. And you Hate this.

Bottom line is that I'm a POWER TRICK. And I get what I want, when I fucking want it. Whatever works for you, then you make it work for you. But I'm gonna keep using MY STYLE and I'm gonna prosper from it. Check out this latest podcast and see how I feel on the matter. This joint is actually a combination of two shows that I did, I decided to just throw them both together just for the hell of it. So can a woman respect and have genuine love for a man than tricks? Well I don't know about you, but in my world, it can happen. After all what female you know get's a tricks named Tattooed on them? Ya'll Niccaz ain't ready for this wizdom. Listen now and be totally dismayed and in shock with the things that I say.