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Jan 8, 2011

Big ups to all the Mackcity crew. Today we gonna take an educational in depth look into the minds of Niccaz that keep crying out for attention to be noticed in your crew. It is important to understand the mind set and to look for signs of bitchassness in Niccaz you fuck with. If you sleep on these types of fools, you could end up behind bars because you got snitched on. Or you could end up dead due to some fuck shyt that this Nicca got you mixed up in. This show is actually part two in a series, but I decided not air part 1 because part 2 says it all. So sit down and be prepared for some real intelligent discourse on the matter. And to that Nicca that keep stalk'n me, I tried to keep it cool with you patnah, but you back on that fuck shyt I see. Keep tune'n in Homey, glad you enjoy my show.