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The Prison Tower.

Apr 18, 2012


It was the year 2000 and I had finally had my fill of working for another man. I was sick of punching the clock at a place that I hated to go to everyday. I was working at a close Max security prison with a ignorant redneck staff and a wild Nigger inmate population. The combination of negative energy had me sick on a daily basis. be fair. All the staff wasn't KKK, and all the inmates were not coons and buffoons. But never-the-less, this hustle was not my nature and I had to get out of that environment quick. I had already did 6 years in the terrordome and I was slowly loosing my mind. I had already had some damage to my psyche in the 1991 desert storm offensive in Iraq, and the prison environment was not helping my fragile sanity that I still had left.

At this time in my life I had been doing a local access TV show about religion, social Issues, politics and Metaphysics. I had that show running on TV for 7 years. So I had an extensive knowledge of video production and computers. I was already a freak on the local strip club scene too, so I had an obsession with hood chicks and the lives that they lived. So it hit me like a bolt of lightning to use my knowledge, skills and my love of pussy to make some money. It came to me on a cold winter night while I was on Tower duty on 3rd shift. In the peace and solitude on that night MackCity was born. It was a beautiful night to have my mind free to create my empire. The ground was covered in pure white snow, the prison lights dazzled and shimmered through Ice sickles that hung off the power lines and the towers. I vowed that day to always be my own man and to take my fate into my own hands.

Three years after that fateful day in the prison tower, the underground web cult phenomenon known as MackCity went on-line and has been going strong ever since. Many told me that I couldn't make it happen. Many tried to throw salt in my game and hoped to watch me fail, but I don't fold easily. These days I'm a household name. I'm like the boogy man that lurks in the dark alley's in the hood. An urban legend of sorts I have become. Many have tried to figure out the real story behind me, my girls and the web site. So many different stories have been told, no one knows what to believe. Well if you don't know what to believe about me, you can believe this: I love my girls, I love this money, and I love this lifestyle. And I owe it all to that gloomy prison tower that I sat in for 8 hours on a cold winter night.