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Apr 30, 2015

Unlike most Niccaz who claim to be about helping black folks. We at mackcity believe in the aspect of show and prove. Such as, if we say rioting is counter productive and works against you economically, we will provide proof. We will provide numbers and facts to support our position. Most who claim that riots are a weapon against white supremacy do not provide any proof to support that claim. It is our duty to change the age old slow minded Nigger reactions to well thought out war tactics by those who are in power. We will no longer sit by and let so called pro blacks convince you that it's ok to slit your own throat.  So once again me and Tony must chime in and counter the Niggerdom. If you claim to be about economic empowerment and yet still will not speak out against rioting in your own backyard, then it is doubtful that you even know anything about economics. And if this be the case, then you are aiding white supremacy, you are not fighting it. This is an extra long show, we putting the nail in the coffin. We are hitting Niccaz with the final blow! I dare anyone to show and prove the opposite of our position with facts, numbers and stats. I also include some snippets of fellow like minded brothas from the web to let all my mackcity playaz know that you are not alone, and that we are growing in number, The day of the Geechie is over, the space age Negro has arrived. Ending commentary by HotdamnIrock and Seargent Willy Pete.