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Nov 10, 2016

1. Donald Trump pimp slaps the world. 2. Ratchet Niggaz kiss your hand outs good bye. 3.The Purge has begun. 4. Are you Coon’n if you support Trump? 5. Will the prison industrial complex expand under Trump? 6. Mass rebellion against the Nanny state, political correctness and Hyper feminism. 7. The average everyday white man strikes back. 8. Daquan flippin his bytch tax money. 9. Get’n the ex wife off my Health insurance. 10. Order out of Chaos. 11.The Gold Digger phone call hustle. 12. Bamn NJ E-mail question: Should Nerdy lames stay in the hood and support it? 13. Magnetic E-Mail Question: What is the real reason chicks keep thugs around? 14. The Minister E-Mail: UFC fighters with black girl friends.