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Dec 1, 2014

Black folks are sick in the head. I'm watching Negroes sit back and laugh at Mr. Cosby and welcome his character assassination all because he dared to challenge black people to be accountable for their actions. Now since Niccaz had their feelinz hurt by Cosby, they now point the finger of condemnation at him due to these questionable and dubious rape allegations. Mr. Cosby has been in the game of black empowerment for over 40 years. He has funded many projects to help the black community by giving millions of dollars. He has done more than any other black celebrity in history to help black people. But since he gave 1 or 2 speeches being very critical of the behavior of the black community, negroes feel he deserves to by lynched and crucified by the white mainstream media. Fuck that! Me and my patnah Tony Dreamer aint gonna sit by and let you Niccaz abandon one of the O.G's of the black power movement. And by the way.......,,pull yo pants up Nicca!

Check out how Bill Cosby was representing the black conciousness movement back in the 70's. BLACK HISTORY,LOST,STOLEN OR STRAYED.