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Oct 12, 2016

Donald Trump grabbin pussy. Russia vows to Nuke American forces. Is racial strife and violence in media a distraction from WW3? Prison story of Niggaz doing dumb shyt. I love chicken and crackers. Serious Breakdown on possible WW3 scenario. Angry Ghetto Niggaz created to go to war with White Patriots. Marriage is prostitution, pussy gets traded for goods and services. Delusional so-called pimp Niggaz payin more for pussy than Tricks. I don’t trust any woman. They are the face of true evil. So called Street Niggaz are easy to game. No black UFC fighters have any black wives or girlfriends. My Becky helps a black young man get into college. Stupid ass Niggas dont want white cops in the hood, but niggas dont wanna be cops. Angry Nigga trashman curses out black cop. The Sidetrixter still tryin to fuck my broads.