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Dec 17, 2014

This show has multiple topics I am sure you will find amusing as well as entertaining. The first topic deals with Darlin Nikki being promoted to bottom bytch status, and Nish being demoted to warm the bench. I also speak on my laziness and extreme aversion to going on dates with females. I just don't see the use in spending any money or time to get to know a female these days. I'm not trying to find no wife, I just wanna kick it with some down azz freak bytchez. Dating is a waste of time for me, I aint trying to go jump through hoops to get to know a chick in hopes that she will let me sex her up. Fuck that. I got pussy on demand, you dig.

I then expound upon why I refuse to fall in line with the rest of the negro populace concerning the obvious race baiting tactics used by the media. Many mainstream media outlets have actually shown support and side with the rioters. Anyone who has studied the media should look at this trend with a troubled eye. Why would white supremacy tell negros that they support your riots? I break down the plan to implement a new civil/race war in America in this podcast. And these hand picked cops killing blacks stories are the fuel for the fire. Do you think it's just a coincidence that all of a sudden that's all you see on the TV now?

Then I speak on the Planet of the Apes movie and give mind numbing expert anaylses on the two main characters. I ask you brothers today, who are you? Are You CEASAR or are you KOBA? Ceasar is the rational cool calculating universal minded leader of the apes, that wishes to live harmoniously with humans. Koba is the hate filled angry ape that can't see beyond his rage due to what humans have done to him in his past. Profound lessons will be learned by watching this movie and also by listening to my analyses. The main lesson that you must learn from this movie is that you cannot expect to only be betrayed by those who are not of your tribe. Once again, the content of one's character should be seen above race,creed,gender,class or nationality. Ceasar had to learn this lesson the hard way.