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Aug 7, 2012

My homey Rick Nasty busted me eating a pork sandwich the other day. He asked me why I ate pork knowing that I use to be muslim. I got news for all you pork police out there. The days of proclaiming your health superiority are long gone. Pork is the least of your worries today. Damn near everything that you eat is tainted with all sorts of venom and poison. Niccaz can stop standing on their soap box and talking down to a dude who likes bacon on his burger. These days you gotta worry about MSG,GMO,Flouride,Aspartame,Bisphinal A,Mercury, Lead and Aluminum. Your being pumped full of poison daily and you don't even know it. You pass up the pork only to eat and drink pounds and gallons of poison laced food that you think are safe. So I ask you my dear friends, are you so much ahead of the game than a pork sandwich eating Negro like me? No your not. Chances are, you will die of a heartattack or a stroke in your mid fifties just like the pork eater. The days of bragging that you dont eat pork due to health issues are long gone. You pass up the pork chop only to drink Flouradated water, Aspartame laced sodas, MSG loaded chips, Genetically modified corn on the cob and Bisphinal A laced beef ravioli. Your the walking dead and you don't even know it.