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To All My Local Haterz!

Nov 26, 2009

It has come to my attention that some bytch ass Nicca has been bootlegg'n my videos on DVD in the city. It has also come to my attention that you females who have done work for me are think'n that I am behind the distribution of this DVD.  Now I told ya'll from day one that I would never put you on blast on a local level, and I have kept my word. I have nothing to do with the manufacturing or the distribution of the DVD! Think about this dumb shyt for a minute. Why would I block my site from being accessed in the city and then go out and sell a gawd damn DVD in the same city I have blocked my web site from? Does that make any sense to you? Well it probably does, because ya'll don't wanna hear the real, you wanna just keep lying to yourself and everybody that you know so that you can get some bullshyt sympathy. And hopefully shift all blame on me to turn me into some sort of lying asshole. Many of you can't understand how a bootlegg DVD can hit the streets from the inter-net. Maybe ya'll should have paid more attention in your computer literacy class in high school and you would know just how easy it is to rape a site and take it's video files and burn them to DVD format. In short, any Nicca with half a brain these days could bootlegg this shyt.

Even though all of you have signed a model release giving me full rights to do whatever I wanted to do with the pictures and videos. I still have elected to be sensitive to your situation and not sell anything in the city in which you live. Now if you wanna believe that I am the villain in this, fuck it! Go ahead and believe what you want. But your wasting your time and energy get'n pissed at me, while the real asshole is still running the streets put'n ya'll on front street. Like I said believe what the fuck you want, my word is bond. Get'n a tad bit sick of you freaks slandering my name just because you can't handle the heat from your own life choices. Ya'll need to poss'e up and find out who this bootlegg'n Nicca is and make him rule the day he exposed all of ya'll on a local level. If you know who he is, let me know, so I can bring this dude to court and hit his ass with a copyright infringement law suite. I can't wait to see this Nicca and make him pay for this bullshyt! I actually have some pretty good leads on who this asshole is. But I can't hit him up just yet, gotta make sure he is the criminal in this situation. The Mack won't jump to conclusions like so many of you have done towards me.

And I'm also hearing you lying ass bytchez tell'n folkz that I tricked you into doing these videos and other dumb shyt like that? How the fuck I trick you when you signed 5 to 6 model release forms telling you what I was gonna do with the material? You can tell this bullshyt lie to your family and friends, but we both know the real deal.  Do yourself a favor and stop lying to yourself and your folks and just be a woman about the situation. Now you got ya people mad at me for some shyt you willingly did and got paid to do. You wasn't bytch'n when you was spend'n that money I put in your hand, so don't bytch now! 

One love to all the ladies who have not reacted in a child like manner to this scandal and have accepted responsibility for what they have done within the pages of this web site. I fully appreciate all the support and help I have received concerning this matter. To all the ladies that are still on my team, you best believe I got your back. If you ever are in need, and if I have the means to help you in anyway, you got that comin. And to all the females that ain't tryin to hear the truth of the matter. Fuck you. I been going through too much shyt through the years to try and keep ya'll out the mix, and this is how you wanna act when some local scumbag is the one fuck'n you over? But since you can't find him, you wanna just blame me huh? Well waste your time and energy if you want to. Right on to the real, and death to the fakers