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Tony Dreamer: The MackCity Experiance.

Feb 5, 2008

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tonydreamer on 27 July 2007 14:56:47[ ]
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Part of the reason that I enjoy the Mack City experience is that I can identify with the females. Truth be told, there is more than a generous sprinkling of Ices´ Nishes, Vees´ champagnes, KBKs, Nicoles and DCD´s in my family and they are HOODRATZ! Does that mean that I love them any less: no. I just accept them for who what they are. It is what it is. I have expectation of them so i am not surprised when they:

1. Can´t pay their rent.
2. Are always broke
3. Are always in some shit
4. Always need something
5. Always hooked with some bullshit ass nicca
6. Always getting they asses kicked
7. Always need a ride somewhere
8. Can´t keep a phone on
9. Always pregnant
10. Always wildin the fuck out

its just who they are, So i dont expect anything different. If we tell the truth, mackcity forces us to look into the skeletons of our closets and accept the females in our families for who and what they are. So once and for all we can stop hiding and accept those who are kinda fucked up in our families show them love anyway, even as they try to run game from their consistently vunerable station in life. For as samuel jackson said to tim roth in Pulp Fiction: You are the sheep! and I am the tyranny of evil men...but i am trying real hard to be the sheppard MUTHAFUCKA......mackcity for life