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What Real Playaz Think about MackCity.

Apr 21, 2008


















Subject: Re: mack city member
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 21:08:12 -0400

I def think your site is tops when it comes to the amateur niche.  A lot of sites claim to be "real", yours actually delivers.  Man I've been a member to dozens of sites.  You name it, I been a member. Everything from the big guys (reality kings, braz, naughty america) to amateur sites like yours.  I've just always been a fan of the amateur porn more then the over produced shit. 

As far as what seperates you from the rest, is the realness.  You and a few other guys do some real shit.  Habib Show was pretty good, but he dosent have the quality content like you have.  I was a member of the TrashMan and his shit was trash.  First thing I look at in a site is the amount of video content they have.  I'm not a fan of pics, I just like video.  You have a ton of videos and you constantly update, alot of cats dont update as much as they advertise. 

Another thing that I like about your site is you and John.  Not to sound gay but the guy in the video matters to me when I watch porn.  You both are just like me, just a couple of average dudes getting laid.  I can't relate to some big muscle bound mo fo with a 10 inch cock. I also like the journal you keep,  it keeps the members informed about everything and kinda lets us live in your world.  I'ts like we personally know these bitches  and want to fuck them so when you hit, its like we are also.

I've been a member to your site like 2 or 3 times for a few months each time.  Right now I can't afford it, so I'm not a member and I reformatted my comp and lost all the vids i had. Soon as I get the gwap though, I will sign back up.