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Dec 11, 2014

It's getting to the point that I can't turn on the TV or surf the web without listening to some Negro whine, bytch and moan about how the white man is unfair and does not value us. The Negro has bought into the jedi mind trick psyop that, the caucasian is the sole controller of his fate. Negroes must cry, bytch,moan,protest,march and riot to get the caucasian to give him his rights. The Negro likes to do everything backwards. Instead of becoming knowedgable in Economics, sciences, politics and philosophy. He has been tricked by white folks into thinking that rioting and marching is the solution to black empowerment. No other group of people takes this sort of approach to self sufficiancy. The endless whine and bytch fest that I see daily sickens me. If you wanna be a true warrior for the cause of your people, then you need to recognize the tricks and the traps. Negros willingly partake in thier own demise, by feeding into what the mainstream media allows them to see. The media dictates to you what you should care about, and what you should feel. They tell you who you should deem a villian and who should be your heroes. All the trickery would be rendered inneffective if you would just ignore the caucasians tricknowledge, and simply focus on elevating higher standards of living and conduct amongst your people. But that seems to be too much too ask from Negroes. They are content and satisfied begging for table scraps from the masters table. Listen to the podcast and get an earful of some shyt you don't wanna hear or entertain.